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Countdown to the new Philip José Farmer books from Titan! (post #7)

This series of posts covers Titan Books' current plans for its series of Philip José Farmer reissues, which fall under the umbrellas Wold Newton Series and Grandmaster SeriesIt's been far too long since I posted an update on this series, so without further ado, updated information and links are all below.


I'm pleased to share,, for the first time, the high-resolution covers to Tales of the Wold Newton Universe and Venus on the Half-Shell.

A collection of Wold Newton-inspired short stories by Farmerphiles, experts, and the Grand Master of SF himself!


Wold Newton Series
The Peerless Peer (June 2011)
  •  Afterword by Win Scott Eckert

The Other Log of Phileas Fogg (May 2012)
  • Afterword by Win Scott Eckert: "Only a Coincidence: Phileas Fogg, Philip José Farmer, and the Wold Newton Family"
  • Chronology by Win Scott Eckert: "A Chronology of Major Events Pertinent to The Other Log of Phileas Fogg"

Wold Newton Prehistory Series

Time’s Last Gift (June 2012)
  • Afterword by Christopher Paul Carey: "John Gribardsun and the Prehistoric Wold Newton Family"
  • Chronology by Win Scott Eckert and Dennis E. Power: "Gribardsun through the Ages: A Chronology of Major Events Pertinent to Time’s Last Gift"

Hadon of Ancient Opar (January 2013)
  • Introduction by Christopher Paul Carey: "The Literary Archaeology of Khokarsa"
  • Afterword  by Christopher Paul Carey: "A Guide to Khokarsa"

Tales of the Wold Newton Universe (October 2013)
  • Contents To Be Announced
  • Introduction by Win Scott Eckert and Christopher Paul Carey
  • Amazon

Secrets of the Nine: Parallel Universe

A Feast Unknown (October 2012)
  • Afterword by Art Sippo

Lord of the Trees (November 2012)
  • Introduction by Win Scott Eckert: "A Tale of Two Universes"

The Mad Goblin (June 2013)

 Grandmaster Series

Lord Tyger (July 2012)
  • Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale
  • Foreword by Paul Spiteri

The Wind Whales of Ishmael (March 2013)

Flesh (August 2013)

Venus on the Half-Shell (December 2013)
  • Bonus Materials To Be Announced

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