Sunday, August 31, 2008

More good news!

Ganked in its entirety from my pal Chris Carey's blog:

"Lots of good news coming in today. First the short story sale, and now news that my good friend and Farmerphile publisher Mike Croteau has started a blog, as well as an announcement by Subterranean Press of a new Philip José Farmer omnibus, The Other in the Mirror, which will feature three classic Farmer novels, Fire and the Night (the only edition of this book is extremely rare!), Jesus on Mars, and Night of Light. No mention yet who they asked to write the intro to the book, la, la, la... :-) Oh, and I just stumbled across this photo on Rias Nuninga's wonderful PJF International Bibliography from the panel during which the new Farmer collaborations were announced at this summer's Farmercon.

From right to left: Win Scott Eckert (co-author, The Evil in Pemberley House), Paul Spiteri (co-author, "Getting Ready to Write"), Tracy Knight (co-author, Cougar by the Tail), and me (co-author, The Song of Kwasin). Photo courtesy of Rias Nuninga."

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