Friday, October 10, 2008

Doc Savage's Coat of Arms!

I'm very pleased to announce that, as I blogged about a short time ago, Doc Savage's (okay, Doc Wildman's :-) coat of arms will appear in issue 14 of Farmerphile! The illustration is based on Phil Farmer's description in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, with a few additions based on unpublished notes from the Magic Filing Cabinet in Phil's basement. I (and my lovely wife) were very pleased research the rules of heraldry in order to provide instructions to fantastic artist Keith Howell in executing what Phil described in DS:HAL, as well as choosing the small additions from Phil's unpublished notes.

This is a big deal for Doc fans, so please spread the word (forward the link to this post!) and consider picking up the issue; Keith's illustration is truly extraordinary.


Henry Covert said...

that's so awesome Win!
E Pluribus Sauvage!... or something. Cogito ergo Doc Savage? seriously, all us fans & co-conspirators thank you & Lisa.
... and the filing cabinet :-)

Win Scott Eckert said...

Thanks so much, mi amigo. :-) We all worked hard on this, and i hope you'll be as impressed as I am with the final product. Lisa and I worked hard (of course Phil did the heaviest lifting of all :-), but without Keith's amazing talent, it wold have been all for naught. :-)