Friday, October 10, 2008

The Wold Newton gang in FARMERPHILE #14

Now that I've broken the news about the Doc Savage coat of arms in FARMERPHILE no. 14 , it really bears mentioning how many Wold-Newtoneers we have contributing to this issue, our longest issue yet!

Art Sippo makes his first contribution with "This Played in Peoria?"

Rick Lai is back with the very timely "
The Doc Ravage Presidential Campaign."

Dennis Power joins in with "
Oh the Humanity."

Chris Carey , as always, puts his indelible stamp on the issue with all of his invaluable behind-the-scenes work.

And I've got a few Pemberley House things in there, including an interview about writing the book, a family tree, and a two-chapter excerpt.

Complete contents:

Issue No. 14 - October 2008
60 pages (5.5 x 8.5 inches)
$11 (includes shipping in the US and Canada)

Table of contents:

This Played in Peoria?
- by Art Sippo

A Whale of a Time
- by Leo Queequeg Tincrowdor

Tongues of the Moon
- by Philip José Farmer
--- illustrated by John Streleckis

The Voice of Farmer in My Vermiform Appendix
- by Rhys Hughes

Creative Mythography: Excessively Diverted, or, Coming to Pemberley House
- by Win Scott Eckert

Farmerphile Interviews Win Scott Eckert

Excerpt from The Evil in Pemberley House
- by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert
--- illustrated by Keith Howell

Say, What's the Big Idea?
- by Michael Carroll

The Doc Ravage Presidential Campaign
- by Rick Lai

- by Paul Spiteri

Boris the Bear: Wold Newton and Philip José Farmer
- by Steve Mattsson

Oh the Humanity
- by Dennis E. Power

Unpolished Pearls from the Magic Filing Cabinet

Greartheart Silver
- by Philip José Farmer

Doc Wildman's Coat of Arms
- by Philip José Farmer
--- illustrated by Keith Howell

Cover art by Charles Berlin

We really hope you'll support our efforts and pick up this issue .

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