Friday, April 03, 2009

Podcast: The Book Cave Episode 16: Tribute To Philip José Farmer

From Ric Croxton, host of The Book Cave Podcast:

Fri, 3 April 2009
Episode 16: Tribute To Philip José Farmer
This episode Ric is joined by:
For a tribute to Philp José Farmer, who passed away recently. I learned a lot, thanks to these gentlemen. After talking to them I have searched out several books to read and bought the first issue of Farmerphile.

I also want to thank Art Sippo for his tribute at the end of the show.


Philip José Farmer:

Recent and Forthcoming Books:

Dennis E. Power:

Win Scott Eckert:

Check it out at:

Our sincere thanks to Ric for proposing the podcast and hosting it! Although it was the sad occasion of Phil's passing that generated the idea of the podcast, it was good to come together, remember Phil, and discuss his books, stories, and fantastic imagination. Lots of conversation about his love of the pulps, Wold-Newtonry, and his SF achievements.

Hopefully next time our colleague Christopher Paul Carey can join us.

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