Thursday, October 21, 2010

Green Hornet Chronicles softcover in stock at Amazon

The softcover trade edition of The Green Hornet Chronicles (Glen Orbik cover) is now listed as in stock and shipping from Amazon.

The limited edition hardcover is listed as
not yet released, but I imagine that will change any day now.


-> Ray said...

I'm still anxiously awaiting my deluxe edition, ordered from Moonstone. I hope it comes soon!

Win Scott Eckert said...

Do you mean the slipcase, or just the limited hardcover (without slipcase)?

The slipcase may take a little while longer--slipcases usually do...



-> Ray said...

Slipcase. I'll keep waiting!

Win Scott Eckert said...

My contributor slipcases arrived tonight, so I imagine yours won't be long now. :-)