Friday, October 25, 2013

Honey West & T.H.E. Cat: A GIRL AND HER CAT - Now Available for Preorder!

Honey West and T.H.E. Cat in A GIRL AND HER CAT signed hardcover novel!
Previews Exclusive! 

Moonstone Books - Coming in January!

It's Honey West and T.H.E Cat-in the first new Honey West novel in over 40 years!
Signed by both authors, Win Scott Eckert and Matthew Baugh!

When an exotic green-eyed Asian doctor hires Honey to recover a stolen sample of a new influenza vaccine from a rival scientist, the blonde bombshell private eye-suspicious but bored-takes the case. But when she's attacked not once, but twice, on her way from Long Beach to San Francisco to track down her quarry, she knows there's more-much more-to her femme fatale client than meets the eye.

Along the way, Honey's one-time paramour Johnny Doom-ex-bounty hunter and current Company agent-reenters the picture, and the gorgeous doctor's insidious-and deadly-grandfather deals himself in. But when Honey questions whether Johnny's playing her game, or just playing her for a patsy, she joins forces-as only Honey can-with the one man in Frisco who can help her recover the stolen vaccine-cum-bioweapon and prevent a worldwide epidemic-former cat burglar-turned-bodyguard Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat: T.H.E Cat!

Join writers Win Scott Eckert and Matthew Baugh, and cover artist Douglas Klauba, for A Girl and Her Cat, a groovy, racy 1960s romp.

6 x 9, 152 pages, $26.95

A GIRL AND HER CAT is solicited in the November PREVIEWS (Available October 30).
The Diamond Item Code is NOV131140.

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