Friday, May 09, 2008

Farmerphile #12 -- The Sherlock Holmes issue

FARMERPHILE: The Magazine of Philip José Farmer no. 12 is now available.

This is the Sherlock Holmes issue, and as such it's selling out quickly. Plus, those interested in Phil's Wold Newton family tree are going to want to pick up this issue, because we've discovered an addition to the tree by him that somehow didn't make it into the final printed version of DOC SAVAGE: HIS APOCALYPTIC LIFE!

Full Contents:

The Roller Coaster Ride with Phil Farmer- by Bette Farmer

We Were Introduced by Sherlock Holmes- by George Scheetz

Sherlock Holmes and Sufism- by Philip José Farmer--- illustrated by Charles Berlin

Philip José Farmer and The Case of the Two Jungle Lords- by Dennis E. Power

Urania's Babysitter- by Rick Lai

A Study of Ralph von Wau Wau- by Danny Adams

Creative Mythography: The Farmerian Holmes- by Win Scott Eckert

Bibliophile: The Other Log of Phileas Fogg- by Paul Spiteri

How Much Free Will Does a Pumpkin Have?- by Christopher Paul Carey

Jongor in the Wold Newton Family- by Philip José Farmer

The Lure of the Emergency Shelf- by Michael Carroll

Full Blown Comic Book Images of the Beast- by Steve Mattsson

Unpolished Pearls from the Magic Filing Cabinet:

  • Three Metafictional Proposals- by Philip José Farmer

  • Uncle Sam's Mad Tea Party- by Philip José Farmer

  • Down to Earth's Centre- by Philip José Farmer

Cover art by Keith Howell

And Doc Savage aficionados... If you're thinking that the title "Down to Earth's Centre" might be something Doc-related... you're right!

Dedicated Sherlockians, Savageologists, and of course Farmerphiles won't want to miss this issue. Ordering info is here:

We put a lot into this issue, so please check it out!



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