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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Evil in Pemberley House - new trade paperback edition

Hot on the the heels of yesterday's news that the second Pat Wildman adventure, The Scarlet Jaguar, has just been released in ebook (Kindle - Nook coming soon), comes today's post from Meteor House announcing that the first Pat Wildman book, The Evil in Pemberley House, will be released in an affordable trade paperback edition in August!

The Evil in Pemberley House, the novel on which I was fortunate enough to collaborate directly with SF Grand Master Philip José Farmer, was published in 2009, just a few short months after his too-soon passing. The trade hardcover retailed for $40, while a numbered hardcover plus chapbook listed for $60. Both editions sold out in 2010.

Now, Meteor House is bringing out a trade paperback at the more accessible price point of $20, sporting the same wonderful cover painting by the inimitable Glen Orbik that graced the prior edition. Even more exiting, the Meteor House edition will include many bonus pieces, including:
  • New Foreword to the 2014 Edition
  • A Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family graphic tree
  • An Expanded Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family graphic tree, including SPOILERS from the novel
  • Outline for the novel by Philip José Farmer
  • A timeline of key events in the novel by Win Scott Eckert
  • A “Creative Mythography” essay by Win Scott Eckert, about the research and writing of the novel and ensuring it remained in continuity with Farmer’s other Wold Newtonian works, such as Tarzan Alive, Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, and The Adventure of the Peerless Peer
The Evil in Pemberley House is immediately available for preorder direct from Meteor House. Order before June 30th and I will sign your copy when I am at FarmerCon IX/PulpFest 2014 in early August (all books will be shipped after FarmerCon, unless of course you come to FarmerCon, in which case you get your copy in person and Meteor House refund the shipping charge).

Friday, August 13, 2010

pic o' the day

Regular followers of my pic o' the day may have noticed my recent obsession with mid-century vintage hard-boiled and sleaze paperbacks. Actually, it's not a recent obsession, just a temporary shift. We'll get back to more pulp covers soon, and they're all related, anyway.

Spicy, lurid pulps anyone?

So when Hard Case Crime mixed Sherlockiana with a vintage-styled hard-boiled cover as rendered by my favorite cover artist (he'd better be my favorite, he's done my novel The Evil in Pemberley House and the soon-to-be-released The Green Hornet Chronicles which I co-edited) Glen Orbik... well, saying they had me at hello would be an understatement.

This is not the first time, though, that Holmes received the mid-century paperback treatment.

And I'll be posting those covers, as well as some other plunder I picked up at the Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair last weekend, over the next several days, so stay tuned.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Glen Orbik's amazing cover for THE EVIL IN PEMBERLEY HOUSE

So, no sooner do I blog that the corrections are done, and all that remains is to eagerly anticipate the cover art by Glen Orbik, than the cover magically shows up today!

To say I'm pleased would be a gross understatement. To quote my good friend, Brad Mengel, I am so happy!

The cover is reminiscent of those
magnificent '70s paperback Gothics...which in fact is exactly what The Evil in Pemberley House is--except for the paperback part. ;-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Evil in Pemberley House--corrections complete & with the publisher

Just an update note for those interested... all the files have been proofed, corrected and are with the publisher, Subterranean Press. These include:

Trade edition:
  • the novel itself
  • endsheets with a Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family tree
  • still waiting on the cover art from Glen Orbik, although Subpress has approved the preliminary concept sketch

Limited Edition Chapbook
  • cover art (the Wildman [Doc Savage] Coat of Arms by Keith Howell)
  • endsheets with a Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family tree--including SPOILERS from the novel
  • notes on the Wildman Coat of Arms by Philip José Farmer
  • outline for the novel by Philip José Farmer
  • timeline of key events in the novel by yours truly
  • Wold Newtonian essay by yours truly

Amazon pre-order
Pre-order direct from Subterranean