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Monday, February 25, 2013

Cover Reveal: Sherlock Holmes und die Legende von Greystoke

With a tip of the hat to Rias Nuninga at the Philip José Farmer International Bibliography site, I'm pleased to reveal the cover for the new German edition of Farmer's Wold Newton novel The Adventure of the Peerless Peer. 

The new edition, Sherlock Holmes und die Legende von Greystoke (Sherlock Holmes and the Legend of Greystoke), is forthcoming in Spring 2013 from Atlantis Verlag (German version). English translation: Atlantis Verlag

I'm very happy to report that the afterword I penned for the Titan Books reissue (The Peerless Peer, June 2011) has also been translated and will be included in the German edition. The foreword is by Christian Endres and the new cover is by Mark Freier.

The book will be available in hardcover, softcover, and eBook.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Review & 2012 Preview!

2011 Review of publications:

Short Fiction
  • "Zorro's Rival" in More Tales of Zorro by Richard Dean Starr (ed.) (Moonstone Books, March 2011)
  • "Happy Death Men" in The Avenger: The Justice, Inc. Files by Joe Gentile and Howard Hopkins (eds.) (Moonstone Books, August 2011)
  • "Bad Medicine" in The Green Hornet Casefiles by Joe Gentile and Win Scott Eckert (eds.) (with Vito Delsante) (Moonstone Books, August 2011)
  • "Marguerite's Tears" in Tales of the Shadowmen Volume 8: Agents Provocateurs by Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier (eds.) (Black Coat Press, December 2011)
Books Edited
  • The Green Hornet Casefiles (with Joe Gentile), Moonstone Books, August 2011.

Short Nonfiction
  • "Afterword" to The Peerless Peer by Philip José Farmer (Titan Books, June 2011) 
  • "Introduction" to Scarlet in Gaslight by Martin Powell (Pulp 2.0 Books, December 2011) 

2012 Preview:
Short Fiction (completed)
  • "The Adventure of the Fallen Stone" in Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook by Howard Hopkins (ed.) (Moonstone Books, forthcoming)
  • "Progress" in The Green Hornet: Still at Large by Joe Gentile, Win Scott Eckert, and Matthew Baugh (eds.) (Moonstone Books, forthcoming)
  • "Zombies under Broadway" (a Green Ghost tale, written with Eric Fein) (Moonstone Books, forthcoming)
Short Fiction (to be written)
  • "A Girl and Her Cat" for Moonstone's Honey West anthology
  • As-yet untitled "Wold Newton Origins" tale for Meteor House's third The Worlds of Philip Jose Farmer anthology
  • As-yet untitled story for Moonstone's third Avenger anthology, The Avenger: Tales from Bleek Street (the plan is to wrap up the storyline from my first two tales, including a return engagement for the Domino Lady)
  • Story for a Moonstone anthology crossing over a well-know pulp secret agent for which Moonstone has acquired the license, and the Green Ghost (more info when I can make it available!)
Books Edited

  • The Green Hornet: Still at Large (with Joe Gentile and Matthew Baugh), Moonstone Books, forthcoming.

 Short Nonfiction
 Other: I may still write a Sherlock Holmes novel, but Titan has more Wold Newton reissues waiting in the wings, so I'll need to see what my schedule allows. Stay tuned to this space!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Peerless Peer in German

I'm very pleased to announce that contracts are signed and that a German translation of Philip Jose Farmer's classic Sherlock Holmes-Lord Greystoke pastiche The Peerless Peer will appear in 2012 from publisher Atlantis Verlag.

My friend Christian Endres has broken the news on his blog, and gave me the go-ahead to do so here. Christian, a big fan of Farmer and the Wold Newton Universe, was instrumental in making this happen, and this project is "his baby."

I'm pleased to note that the afterword I provided for the 2011 edition from Titan Books (which appears to be selling like hotcakes on Amazon) will also be included in the German edition.

The Game is Afoot!