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Sunday, July 26, 2015

At the risk of overwhelming Meteor House with even more books to ship after this year's FarmerCon X / PulpFest 2015, I'd like to note that it's been almost two years since I had the privilege of editing the deluxe hardcover edition of Philip José Farmer's masterful Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life--one of the true highlights of my editing career.

“Written with wit and charm, sprinkled with allusions, this is a book to delight both science fiction and mystery fans” (Library Journal).

The deluxe hardcover and the trade paperback edition both feature a brand new foreword by me, updates to the “List of Doc Savage Stories” including the latest novels, and rare material culled from Mr. Farmer’s notes, restored to the book exclusively in these editions.

The deluxe hardcover edition also features the following bonus material:

• Tributes by other Farmer and Doc experts, including John Allen Small, Keith Howell, Rick Lai, Art Sippo, Christopher Paul Carey, and current Doc Savage writer Will Murray
• Doc’s Coat of Arms, reconstructed by me and illustrated by Keith Howell, from notes by Philip José Farmer
• A List of Doc Savage Comics by me and John Allen Small, a rundown of authorized Doc Savage comics which supplements Mr. Farmer’s List of Doc Savage Stories
• Writing Doc’s Biography by Philip José Farmer
• Afterword to Doc Savage Omnibus #13 by Philip José Farmer

There are also trade paperback and ebook editions (without the bonus material) published by our friends at Altus Press.

Finally, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the beautiful cover art by current Doc Savage artist Joe DeVito!

The hardcover sold like hotcakes at FarmerCon VIII / PulpFest 2013, and Meteor House still has copies available. 

Check it out!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Shreve Memorial Library's 2015 Author Fair / Comic Fest

The Shreve Memorial Library's 2015 Author Fair / Comic Fest was held on June 20, but this is the first time I've had a chance to post about it.

My pal Chuck Loridans and I shared a table. I hawked Meteor House books, Philip José Farmer books published by Titan, and my own books from various publishers. Chuck represented the Renzi Education and Art Center, where he tirelessly volunteers teaching kids the art of creating comics and movies.

It was a small event, but the traffic was very good and I got to meet some other local creators. Sold a decent number of books, too. The highlight was our panel presentation.

Shared Universes from the Perspective of Pulp Fiction and Philip José Farmer's Wold Newton Family

Our panel was intended to run from 2 to 3 pm (3 pm being the end of the Author Fair), but by the end time we had only covered about 2/3 of the material. We took a vote and the audience very enthusiastically wanted to stay through the compete presentation, which was flattering. Chuck was great and charmed the audience, as always.

It occurred to me that our presentation serves as a good primer to Wold-Newtonry, as well as a brief overview of what Farmerian books are available today and from what publishers.

The PDF is huge, so I've uploaded it here.

I hope you enjoy.

The Evil in Pemberley House--back on sale!!

After the summer 2014 publication of the Meteor House edition of The Evil in Pemberley House, the Duchess of Greystoke—Pat Wildman herself!—wrote to me pointing out three minor errors, text which was missing from the original hardcover edition. This was mortifying, to say the least.

Due to major life events occurring at the same time--a relocation to another state for a new job--I was unable to give this situation the attention it deserved until recently. Consequently, I and Meteor House decided to stop selling the edition until we had a solid plan for correcting the errors.

I'm pleased to say that the book is now back on sale!

Meteor House will include an errata sheet, signed by me, with every new order of this first printing. For customers who already bought the book, Meteor House will include the errata sheet in the shipment of any of their latest books. For anyone not covered by this plan, Meteor House will make separate arrangements to send the signed errata sheet. Contact information for Meteor House is on their site:

I and Meteor House regret the error. The corrections will be incorporated into the book’s second printing and the ebook. And yes, we are actively planning to release the ebook soon (for both Kindle and Nook)!

Again, we apologize for the error and appreciate your loyal readership.

Viva Pat Wildman!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Scarlet Jaguar ebook is now on Nook!

Newsflash! Meteor House has released The Scarlet Jaguar (second in the Pat Wildman series, and winner of the 2014 New Pulp Award Winner for Best Novella) on Nook.

I know that it's a bit strange that Pat Wildman #2 is out in ebook before the first volume, The Evil in Pemberley House. This happened because Meteor House secured the rights to reissue Pemberley House after they released The Scarlet Jaguar. The print edition of Pemberley House is currently out of stock, but Meteor House tells me more copies will be available soon, after which an ebook edition will also come out (on both Kindle and Nook). 

After assured, more Pat Wildman adventures are on their way!

In the meantime, head on over to the Meteor House ebooks page, or follow these direct links to The Scarlet Jaguar ebook:

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Evil in Pemberley House - new edition

Preorder before June 30 and I'll sign your copy when I'm at PulpFest 2014 / FarmerCon IX! Your copy will then ship immediately thereafter! 

If you loved Pat Wildman Vol. II: The Scarlet Jaguar, but haven't read Pemberley House, this is your chance to catch up! 

Or, if you missed out on the bonus materials which only came with the super-pricey "numbered edition" hardcover in 2009--again, this is your chance to catch up! 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Evil in Pemberley House - new trade paperback edition

Hot on the the heels of yesterday's news that the second Pat Wildman adventure, The Scarlet Jaguar, has just been released in ebook (Kindle - Nook coming soon), comes today's post from Meteor House announcing that the first Pat Wildman book, The Evil in Pemberley House, will be released in an affordable trade paperback edition in August!

The Evil in Pemberley House, the novel on which I was fortunate enough to collaborate directly with SF Grand Master Philip José Farmer, was published in 2009, just a few short months after his too-soon passing. The trade hardcover retailed for $40, while a numbered hardcover plus chapbook listed for $60. Both editions sold out in 2010.

Now, Meteor House is bringing out a trade paperback at the more accessible price point of $20, sporting the same wonderful cover painting by the inimitable Glen Orbik that graced the prior edition. Even more exiting, the Meteor House edition will include many bonus pieces, including:
  • New Foreword to the 2014 Edition
  • A Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family graphic tree
  • An Expanded Pemberley House/Wold Newton Family graphic tree, including SPOILERS from the novel
  • Outline for the novel by Philip José Farmer
  • A timeline of key events in the novel by Win Scott Eckert
  • A “Creative Mythography” essay by Win Scott Eckert, about the research and writing of the novel and ensuring it remained in continuity with Farmer’s other Wold Newtonian works, such as Tarzan Alive, Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, and The Adventure of the Peerless Peer
The Evil in Pemberley House is immediately available for preorder direct from Meteor House. Order before June 30th and I will sign your copy when I am at FarmerCon IX/PulpFest 2014 in early August (all books will be shipped after FarmerCon, unless of course you come to FarmerCon, in which case you get your copy in person and Meteor House refund the shipping charge).

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Scarlet Jaguar - Kindle ebook now available

Doing a bit of a happy dance at Meteor House's announcement of the release of the Kindle ebook edition of the Pat Wildman adventure The Scarlet Jaguar.

Please check it out and then head on over to Amazon and get your copy.

(And while you're at it, why not also grab the ebook edition of Christopher Paul Carey's Exiles of Kho? It's a prelude to Philip José Farmer's Opar novels Hadon of Ancient Opar, Flight to Opar, and The Song of Kwasin, and it's a great read!)

Nook diehards, worry not. I have it on good authority that Meteor House definitely plans to do Nook ebook editions for the Barnes & Noble store. Stay tuned, coming soon.

In the meantime, please do check out Pat Wildman's second adventure, The Scarlet Jaguar, and if you already read the out-of-print limited edition trade paperback, consider leaving a review on Amazon.

And stay tuned for an announcement regarding Pat Wildman's first adventure, The Evil in Pemberley House, coming tomorrow!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Pulp Awards - The Scarlet Jaguar

The 2014 New Pulp Awards have been announced and I would like to sincerely thank everyone who voted for The Scarlet Jaguar for Best Novella. I'm honored and humbled.

Mark Sparacio also won Best Cover for The Scarlet Jaguar. Mark, thank you. You were so open to my suggestions for the cover, and it turned out the way we both envisioned it. Thank you for bringing Pat Wildman to life!

Thanks also to my friends at Meteor House. You guys rock!

Finally, congratulations to all the other deserving nominees and winners! I hope to see some of you at PulpFest this coming summer.

Exiles of Kho ebook now available - and video review!

Via Meteor House:

"Meteor House is proud to announce that our first ebook is now online for purchase directly from!

Exiles of Kho by Christopher Paul Carey was our first Signed Limited Edition novella. If you missed out on this now out-of-print collectible, here is your chance to read how Sahhindar, the Grey-Eyed Time Traveling God, who made brief appearances in Flight to Opar and The Song of Kwasin, influenced the course of the Khokarsan Empire.

The ebook even features the original cover, and interior, art by Mike Hoffman!

Even if you already own a signed copy of Exiles of Kho, you know you want to read it again. At only $3.99, now you can keep your signed copy pristine and reread the novella to your heart’s content."

In addition, our friends over at Pulp Crazy have posted a video review! Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

New Pulp Awards 2014 - Voting Now Open

The nominations have been announced for the New Pulp Awards 2014 and I'm honored to be among those listed.

If you read and enjoyed any of my nominated work, please consider a vote.

Or if you think the award goes to a more deserving creator, vote for them! The point being, please vote. A lot of writers and artists put their heart and soul into creating a plethora or enjoyable content last year, and deserve recognition for their efforts.

Here is the full ballot and complete instructions. Voting is open until March 12, 2014.

And here are the categories in which I've been nominated:

Best Collection/Anthology

Best Short Story

Best Novella

Best Author

Related nominations:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

THE SCARLET JAGUAR - three new reviews

I haven't been paying quite enough attention to self-marketing activities of late, so here's a smallish attempt at remedying that, links to three reviews of my recently-released novella The Scarlet Jaguar.

Many thanks to Ron Fortier at Pulp Fiction Reviews, Dave Brzeski at the British Fantasy Society, and Brad Mengel at the Serial Vigilante Blog for taking the time.

I'm reliably informed by my publisher Meteor House that there are a very few copies remaining of this limited edition novella, which can be ordered here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Scarlet Jaguar - final cover design

About six weeks ago I announced my new novella, a Pat Wildman adventure which is a sequel to the Philip Jose Farmer / Win Scott Eckert collaboration The Evil in Pemberley House

I'm now pleased to show off Keith Howell's final design for Mark Sparacio's beautiful fully painted cover!

The Scarlet Jaguar will be out in July 2013 and is available for preorder now, direct from Meteor House.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pat Wildman - The Scarlet Jaguar final cover sketch

A few days ago I announced my new novella, a Pat Wildman adventure which is a sequel to The Evil in Pemberley House (by Philip Jose Farmer and me). 

The Scarlet Jaguar will be out in July 2013 and is available for preorder now, direct from Meteor House.

Fully authorized by Farmer's estate, the book will feature a fully painted cover by  Mark Sparacio.

A few days ago Mark and I conferred and we signed off on this cover sketch on which the painting will be based. I'm quite pleased and can't wait to see the final product!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 3 – Cover Reveal!

From my friends over at Meteor House:

"Here is a sneak peak at the brilliant cover art by Keith Howell (long-time Farmerphile and past Worlds of Philip José Farmer  artist) for The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 3: Portraits of a Trickster. The stellar lineup of contributors and contents will be announced shortly and we’ll begin taking orders for the book.

Just like the first two volumes in The Worlds of Philip José Farmer series, volume 3 contains fiction and non-fiction, new and old, by or about Philip José Farmer. However, Farmer’s Trickster nature took over this volume and it may not always be so easy to tell the fiction from the non-fiction, or even what is written by Farmer and what isn’t…"

I am hard at work on my next Wold Newton Origins tale for this volume (which will hopefully contain some surprises for all Wold Newton fans), and striving hard to deliver it so that Worlds of PJF 3 is out and available for FarmerCon VII/PulpFest 2012, in early August!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Exiles of Kho: A Tale of Lost Khokarsa!

Exiles of Kho

A Tale of Lost Khokarsa

by Christopher Paul Carey

Hundreds of years before the hero Hadon sailed forth from his shining city of gold and jewels upon his legendary adventures, the heroine-priestess Lupoeth set out upon the decree of the oracle to discover a new land upon the untamed shores of ancient Africa’s southern sea. But Lupoeth finds herself little prepared for the trials ahead, as well as those that follow upon her heels—for the jealous  queen who wants her rival banished has appointed a worshiper of the sun god with a criminal past as the expedition’s priest, hoping to undermine the mission and seal its doom.

Now, lost in the deep jungle, Lupoeth must fight to keep her ill-equipped band of followers alive in the face of deadly beasts, savage Neanderthals, and conspiring enemies. Soon she finds the most accursed deity of her people’s faith, exiled from the empire by the Great Goddess Kho Herself, may be her only ally in this wild land. But Sahhindar, the god of Time and bronze, has a mysterious agenda of his own—one that Lupoeth fears might spell doom not only for her expedition, but for the entire world…

This limited edition novella will be signed by the author, Christopher Paul Carey, coauthor with Philip José Farmer of the third novel in the Khokarsa series. The print run will be determined by the number of preorders we receive by June 30, 2012. A very limited number of copies beyond the preorders will be printed.

*** As an added bonus ***
If you preorder by June 30, your name will appear in the book
on a special acknowledgments page.

Cover art and interior illustrations by Mike Hoffman
US $15.00 + shipping
5×8 tpb - pp. tba
Signed Limited Edition
Estimated publication date: Late summer/early fall 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

FarmerCon VII / Pulpfest 2012

I've finalized my plans to be at FarmerCon VII  / Pulpfest 2012 in August. I'll be at the Meteor House table, where I'll have copies of the new Titan Books editions of Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton books The Other Log of Phileas Fogg and Time's Last Gift, as well as Lord Tyger. I imagine I'll also have news about more Farmer reissues from Titan (hint, hint). My friend Christopher Paul Carey will be there promoting Gods of Opar.

I'll also have copies of the recent Tales of the Shadowmen 8: Agents Provocateurs (Black Coat Press) and I imagine Moonstone Books' Sherlock Holmes: The Crossovers Casebook will be out by then, so I'll bring copies. Lots of Wold-Newtony goodness in my stories in those volumes.

I also have hopes that Moonstone's The Green Hornet: Still at Large, which I'm co-editing with Joe Gentile and Matthew Baugh, will be out by then, although that's not confirmed yet. If it's available, of course I'll have copies with me.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Stay tuned to this space; I hope to have an announcement about the new edition of The Other Log of Phileas Fogg soon!